Mr. Tsutomu Mannari, the deputy head of finance HQ and general manager of Finance & Accounting dept. of Nifco Inc.

He first started his career in Sanyo Electric Co Ltd., in 1980 after graduating from university.

He was assigned to work in its subsidiary company based in USA, as an assistant treasurer, from 1984 to 1996. During the assignment, he has also acquired the USCPA qualification.

He was transferred to Haier, after the acquisition of Sanyo’s household division of Asia and Japan by Haier, in 2012. Haier is one of the biggest Electric appliance company headquartered in China. In Haier, he was the CFO in charge of Asia and Japan region. In 2015, he left Haier and joined Nifco.

Nifco is a manufacturing company specialized in plastic parts, with more than 50 subsidiary companies worldwide, and generating annual revenue of 2 billion dollars.

Nifco’s main customers are automakers, such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda as well as German, Korean and US auto makers, and also T1 and T2 suppliers to those automakers.

This year marks the 50th anniversary for Nifco. For the past 50 years, Nifco has been led by the charisma founder, Mr. Ogasawara. And under his strong leadership and precise directions, the company has been growing rapidly. Last year, he stepped down from the chairman of the board, and also passed away soon after.

With these changes, Nifco cannot solely rely on charisma any more; it needs to have an established management and decision making platform to sustainably grow for the next 50 years.

Nifco needs to have an eco-system to control more than 50 overseas subsidiary companies.

In order to achieve the goals, a strong accounting & finance function is essential to support the above system and platform.

Nifco’s accounting & finance function aims to act as good “Navigators” coupled with handy “Compasses” backed by a “Lifeline”.

Firstly, Mr. Mannari will talk about Global FASS as the very first step to be a good “Navigator” and how this can be utilized.

Secondly, he will talk about some cash and book visualization tools Nifco has been implementing as handy “Compasses”.

Lastly, he will talk about new dual reporting system as a “Lifeline” to the team members.


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